Upload images to cloud storage using Picsee from command

In some cases, we need to upload images to cloud storage in command, for example, when writing, you want to get urls of images in cloud storage after insert images in document. The writing App excute Picsee command to upload images to cloud storage and get urls, then insert the urls in document.....

# Preconditions

There are two prerequisites for command uploading images in Picseee. One is to config Full disk access in Picsee Preferences -> Viewer -> Open in Finder, otherwise it will upload failed, because of have no permission to read image data. The other is to config a cloud service storage account in Picsee Preferences -> Cloud, and set it as export target, config associated account, format, style, etc. in Preferences -> Export. If you want to get more help, please refer to Upload images to cloud storage to get Urls (opens new window)

# Command

  • Type in terminal /Applications/Picsee.app/Contents/MacOS/Picsee -h to view help.
/Applications/Picsee.app/Contents/MacOS/Picsee -h
Usage: /Applications/Picsee.app/Contents/MacOS/Picsee [options]
  -u, --upload:
      Path and URL of the file to upload
  -s, --slient:
      Turn off error message output
  -h, --help:
      Print this help message
  • Type in terminal /Applications/Picsee.app/Contents/MacOS/Picsee -u /Users/chitaner/Desktop/Flags/PNG/AF.png to upload a single image。
/Applications/Picsee.app/Contents/MacOS/Picsee -u /Users/chitaner/Desktop/Flags/PNG/AF.png
Total of 1 paths
Exporting ...
Exporting 1/1
Output URL:
  • Type in terminal /Applications/Picsee.app/Contents/MacOS/Picsee -u /Users/chitaner/Desktop/Flags/PNG/AF.png /Users/chitaner/Desktop/Flags/PNG/AL.png to upload more than one images.
/Applications/Picsee.app/Contents/MacOS/Picsee -u /Users/chitaner/Desktop/Flags/PNG/AF.png /Users/chitaner/Desktop/Flags/PNG/AL.png
Total of 2 paths
Exporting ...
Exporting 1/2
Exporting 2/2
Output URL:
  • Type in terminal /Applications/Picsee.app/Contents/MacOS/Picsee -u /Users/chitaner/Desktop/Flags/PNG/AF.png /Users/chitaner/Desktop/Flags/PNG/AL.png /Users/chitaner/Desktop/Flags/PNG/1.png to upload more than one images, and include a invalid file path.
/Applications/Picsee.app/Contents/MacOS/Picsee -u /Users/chitaner/Desktop/Flags/PNG/AF.png /Users/chitaner/Desktop/Flags/PNG/AL.png /Users/chitaner/Desktop/Flags/PNG/1.png
Total of 3 paths
Exporting ...
Exporting 1/3
Exporting 2/3
Exporting 3/3
Output URL:
Invalid path