# Download

Non-Mac App Store (UMAS) Download, requires macOS 12.0 or later

PS: After downloading, double click the DMG to install.

# Version history

# v1.7.3 (2024.07.15 MAS + UMAS)

  • Fix some issues

# v1.7.2 (2024.07.09 MAS + UMAS)

  • Fix some issues

# v1.7.1 (2024.1.19 MAS + UMAS)

  • Fix some issues

# v1.7.0 (2023.10.18 UMAS + MAS)

  • Compatible with macOS Sonoma 14.0
  • Fix inverted thumbnails for some videos
  • Fix issue with resetting screenshot save location
  • Upgrade RAW decoding library

# v1.6.8 (2023.08.20)

  • Fix some other issues

# v1.6.7 (2023.08.19)

  • Optimize memory usage
  • Adjust paywall prompt strategy
  • Fix some other issues

# v1.6.6 (2023.08.11)

  • Fixed SMB share folder issue
  • Fixed issue of library failed to open after deletion
  • Fixed deletion issue in OneDrive folders
  • Added creation time filter conditions for today and yesterday in smart filtering
  • Optimized deletion logic in photo viewing mode
  • Optimized the invalid issue of counterclockwise image rotation
  • Fixed some other issues

# v1.6.5 (2023.06.08)

  • Optimized English localization

# v1.6.4 (2023.05.29)

  • Added filtering by image DPI.
  • Added filtering by image aspect ratio.
  • Added writing tags to file labels in Finder during tagging.
  • Added writing tags to IPTC keywords during tagging.
  • Fixed the issue of SVG images not opening.
  • Fixed the issue of failed upload to Amazon image hosting.
  • Fixed various other issues.

# v1.6.2 (2023.01.01)

  • [add] View image supports vertical flip
  • [add] New ISO sensitivity filter, column, sorting
  • [fix] Overlay save after cropping
  • [fix] some other issues

# v1.5.7 (2022.11.13)

  • [add] delete tags tegother
  • [add] show/hide all pinned images
  • [add] video playback forward/backward
  • [add] prompt for delete/move/rebind linked folder
  • [add] Aperture/shutter speed/exposure time filter/sort
  • [fix] some issues

# v1.5.2 (2022.06.30)

  • [add] sort by random
  • [add] random browse media
  • [add] section by folder
  • [add] safari extension to collect images
  • [fix] some issues

# v1.5.0 (2022.06.18)

  • Optimize startup speed
  • fix paste window issue on multi screens
  • fix multi window open issue multi screens
  • fix close button disappears issue
  • fix other issues

# v1.4.9 (2022.04.20)

  • [add] gps show in inspector side bar
  • [add] shortcuts for copy file
  • [fix] shortcuts for add stars
  • [fix] some issues

# v1.4.8 (2022.04.10)

  • [add] tag stars when view images
  • [add] support for jfif image format
  • [add] hide/show bottom/top bar with no animation when view images
  • [add] mouse smoothing option
  • [optimize] image loading speed
  • [optimize] memory usage
  • [fix] some issues

# v1.4.7 (2022.03.08)

  • [add] View image "Control + Mouse swipe" to move in image
  • [add] View image "Command + arrow keys" to move in image
  • [add] View image paging images config speed parameters
  • [add] Batch rename rules can be saved
  • [add] Upload images to cloud services from command
  • [add] Album filter item bar can config show/hide
  • [fix] some other issues

# v1.4.6 (2022.02.06)

  • [add] make Picsee logo fit macOS
  • [add] support for multiple libraries
  • [add] fix losted linked folder
  • [add] creation time last 7 days/30 days option for smart folder
  • [add] option to turn off color analysis
  • [optimize] browser extension to collect images
  • [fix] some other issues

# v1.4.5 (2022.01.14)

  • [add] delete tag prompt
  • [add] smart task execution strategy
  • [add] option to turn off the prompt for getting privilege to input monitoring permission
  • [optimize] delete media
  • [fix] sidebar folder sorting issue
  • [fix] video parsing memory leak problem
  • [fix] the problem of dragging multiple images to the sidebar
  • [fix] some other issues

# v1.4.4 (2022.01.04)

  • [add] photo slide show
  • [add] one-click to dissolve the stack
  • [add] reload album panel in right-click contextual menu item
  • [fix] the problem of not displaying thumbnails of some svg formats
  • [fix] Logi Mouse master3 page photos when viewing photos
  • [fix] some other issues

# v1.4.3 (2021.12.29)

  • [Add] fixed zoom ratio to view photos
  • [Add] adjust the color of the icon in the view toolbar
  • [Add] adjust the media open with other apps
  • [Fix] some problems urgently fixed

# v1.4.2 (2021.12.22)

  • [Add] in-app purchase support
  • [Add] Japanese support
  • [Add] duplicate image finding support
  • [Add] quick access group support
  • [Add] pin on desktop/open new window shortcut key
  • [Add] affinitiy photo format support
  • [Fix] memory leak problem when parse media
  • [Fix] Fix some bugs

# v1.4.1 (2021.12.09)

  • [Add] traditional Chinese support.
  • [Add] custom scroll direction to page.
  • [Add] browser images ascending by name/modification date/file size opened in Finder.
  • [Add] layout of Viewer can restore when restart.
  • [Add] Top and bottom bar of Viewer can show or hide.
  • [Fix] Fix some bugs.

# v1.4.0 (2021.11.23)

  • [Add] upload images with custom cloud storage.
  • [Add] support english language.
  • [Fix] index file too large.
  • [Fix] annotation for snip can not edit again.