Using extension to collect image, a dialog "Picsee is not open" pops up!

After installing Picsee browser extension, if you use it immediately, a dialog "Picsee is not open" will pop up. This is because Picsee browser extension must be using with Picsee APP, which must be installed and opened firstly...


The mechanism here is that Picsee browser extension collects images, videos, and post to Picsee APP, which will save images or videos to the folders. So when face to this dialog, Please check:

  • Make sure Picsee APP is installed and open. Download and install (opens new window)
  • Make sure local network port number 42698 is not occupied or blocked by other programs. The communication between Picsee browser extension and APP is based on port number 42698.

After excluding the above points, the dialog is still on, please communicate with us in the following ways.